Links to our favorite sites.

  • Golden Retriever Club of America
        Here you will find the official AKC Golden Retriever Club of America breed standard as well as many other educational articles and links. Among many topics, this site includes the origin and history of the breed, the GRCA Code of Ethics, membership information, as well as how to find a reputable breeder.
  • More Top Hat Picture Albums
        To view additional pictures of litter’s, puppies, and other Top Hat dogs, this link will take you to my picturetrail site. Click on an album to view individual dogs and litter’s.
  • K9data Golden Retriever Database
        This is a database of pedigrees and links to health certifications and web sites that strictly pertain to the Golden Retriever. Enter the kennel name or the exact registered name of a dog you want research and find pedigrees that go on for generation after generation. Hip and longevity in a pedigree can also be found by following the links at the bottom of each page. I have traced my dogs’ pedigrees back to the origin of the golden retriever, bred by Lord Tweedmouth, and his breeding that produced the first officially recorded Golden Retriever.

Links to other sites

  • DogWebs
        Free web site for your Kennel & Dogs.
  • Are you ready for a puppy?
        Before comitting yourself to a new puppy, are you sure you have the time and patience that it takes? Do you know where or how to start that search for your perfect puppy? This link has many thought provoking questions to ask yourself before you make that final decision to get a new puppy. It also has a list of questions to ask the potential breeder’s of your new puppy.
  • Rare/White Golden Retrievers
        If you are looking for, or have been told about “rare” colored or “white” golden retrievers, please visit this page taken from the Golden Retriever Club of America web site. Golden retrievers come in a variety of colors ranging from very light cream to darker shades of gold, but none of these are “rare” nor should anyone charge more for them, or advertise them as exotic, just because they have been imported or are breeding for these colors.
  • Being a responsible dog owner
        Puppies are a very demanding first, second and third job. In other words, they are a 24 hour commitment that will take all your patience, understanding, training, and love every minute of every day. Please take a minute to go to the link that AKC has provided as a public service announcement in regard to puppies. This PSA is made by John Grogan, author of the best selling book, Marley and Me, and the soon-to-be-released movie of the same name. All puppies are cute but they need to be correctly taught not to bite, not to potty in the house, and not to destroy your property, by giving them alternative things to chew other than furniture or your body.