Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 Weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 Weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 Weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 Weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

4 Weeks old-Feb 2009







Brooke/Fisher puppies

“head” girl 1 Day old


<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>Brooke delivered her 5 healthy babies on January 20, 2009. It was a very long delivery spanning 13 hours but she finally got them all here safe and sound on her own.

There are 3 boys and 2 girls and all of them were big babies.

Here are their weights and times of delivery.

1. Female 11:16 p.m. 17 oz
2. Male 1:56 a.m. 18.3 oz
3. Female 4:55 a.m. 20 oz
4. Male 5:10 a.m. 19 oz
5. Male 9.25 a.m. 20 oz

This has been a long awaited and much anticipated breeding of which we have high hopes and expectations for each of them. All puppies are spoken for and have been reserved for quite a while.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates! .






Brooke/Fisher puppies

Getting big at 3 days old







Brooke/Fisher puppies

A beautiful baby girl-11 days old





















Oliver and Sage







Daisy graduating puppy class with honors







Mia enjoying the sunshine in the Sunshine State







Mia and her new owner, Jennifer

Mia feeling comfy in her new home.


<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>Mia now lives in Florida with her wonderful new owners Ron and Jennifer. I met Jennifer for the first time when she flew up to Ohio and came to my home to pick up her beautiful puppy whom she had only seen in pictures.

Mia rode in the cabin of the small plane sitting on Jennifer’s lap for most of the trip home. Upon arrival at the airport the pilot requested that Jennifer bring Mia to the cockpit so he could see his adorable passenger who travelled so well the entire flight. This picture was taken by the flight staff with Jennifer’s camera. 4-12-08






Brooke and Tess

Top Hat’s Little Deuce Coupe-Cooper at 4 weeks- Cooper is out of the Morgan/Gunner litter born 5-29-07







Top Hat’s Final Cut – “Finnegan” 8 weeks

Top Hat’s Final Chapter-“Murphy” at 8 Weeks







Top Hat’s Dance With the Angels-“Tess” at 6 weeks

Tess at 11 weeks. I love this beautiful picture her owner’s sent me!







Top Hat’s Cowgirl In The Sand-“Ruby” at 8 weeks

Ruby at 4.5 months







Top Hat’s American Soldier-“Trooper” at 4 weeks.














Top Hat’s Honor & Glory-Zelda







Top Hat’s The Good Witch-“Bella” 4 months


<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>The “Puppies” Gallery is a representation of the puppies that I have produced over the past several years and this page is dedicated to them. All of the pictures on these pages have either been taken by me or have been sent to me by their wonderful owner’s, whom I am lucky to have met and share in their joy of owning one of my Golden Retrievers.